April 5, 2018

13 Type of Container Designed as Container Delivery Container

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container must be specially designed to be used as a medium or place of delivery of all industries, commerce, and transportation.
Containers are structures that store a wide range of products that need to be shipped from one place to another via Ships Accordingly, depending on the type of product to be shipped or the special service required from them, the containers may vary in dimensions, structures, materials, constructions etc.
Various types of shipping containers are used today to meet the requirements of all types of cargo shipments.
Some of the most common types of shipping containers currently in use include:

1. Dry storage container 

The most commonly used shipping containers, wherever the manufacture has been standardized by ISO. Containers of this type are used for dry material delivery and in size of 20ft ft, 40 and 10 feet. 

2. Flat rack container 

With the side folded, it is like a simple storage delivery container where the sides can be folded so as to make a flat rack for the delivery of various items. 

3. Open top container 

With a convertible roof that can be completely removed to make the top open so any high material can be shipped easily. 

4. Tunnel container 

The container storage units are equipped with doors at both ends of the container, they are helpful in fast loading and materials. 

5. Open side storage container 

Storage units are provided with doors that can turn completely into open sides that provide more space for loading materials. 

6. Double doors container 

They are a type of storage unit provided with two doors, making a wider space for loading and unloading materials. Construction materials include steel, iron etc. in standard sizes 20ft and 40ft. 

7. Refrigerated ISO containers 

Refrigrate type is a special container whose temperature is adjustable and always has low temperature. Specifically used for the delivery of perishable substances such as fruits and vegetables, meat etc., with great distances. 

8. Insulated or thermal containers 

These are shipping Containers with regulated temperature controls that allow them to maintain a higher temperature. The selection of materials is thus made to enable them to live long without being damaged by constant exposure to high temperatures. They are most suitable for long distance transportation of the products. 

9. Tanks 

Storage units of containers used mostly for the transportation of liquids, they are used by most of the entire shipping industry. They are mostly made of strong steel or anti corrosive materials providing them with long life and protection against materials. 

10. Cargo storage roll container 

A foldable container, this is one of the special container units made for the purpose of transporting sets or piles of materials. They are made of thick and strong wire mesh along with rollers that allow their easy movement. Availability in a variety of colored wire meshes makes shipping container units a little more cheerful. 

11. Half height containers 

Other types of container shipping include half-height containers. Mostly made of steel, these containers are half-height full-sized containers. Used mainly for good such as coal, stone etc. which requires easy loading and unloading. 

12. Car carriers (Containers For Cars) 

Car carrier container storage units are made specifically for long distance car deliveries. They come with folded sides that help the car fit inside the container without risk of damage or move from the penalty spot. 

13. Intermediate bulk shift containers 

This is a special storage container shipment made solely for the purpose of delivering intermediate goods. They are designed to handle a large number of materials and are made for the purpose of delivering materials to destinations where they can be more packaged and shipped to the final venue.

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