July 8, 2018

2 Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Pet Crayfish


Water Changes

Crawfish are really solid creatures.

I mean they can live in pretty much any foulness.

Nonetheless, you should do visit water changes with a pet crawfish. Incompletely on the grounds that these creatures put out a ton of waste, yet in addition since they can influence your tank to look appalling rapidly and make an unfortunate domain for some other fish in your fish tank.

Doing customary water changes are not hard, it’s simply something you should make sure to do frequently.

A few people do them week after week and others do them fortnightly.

The Other Fish

On the off chance that you do really choose to put other fish into your fish tank with your pet crawfish, you should consider the fish you select as tank mates.

Fish that swim close to the highest point of the tank, are quick as well as are forceful themselves will be the best tank mates for crawfish.

Notwithstanding, there is never any certification that a fish will survive living with a crawfish.

It’s constantly conceivable that you may get up one morning and one of your fish is absent in your tank.

It’s transpired previously, tragically.

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