March 9, 2018

Amazingly Beautiful Plants

Amazing Plants For Your Bathroom That Absorb Moisture

Do you want your bathroom free of moist, and look beautiful?

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Hemm, can you try to see and observe the plants around you? There are many plants that prefer dark and humid places. Aside from the fact that they will bring a tinge of nature inside the cold walls covered with tiles, the plants will contribute to the purification of the air in the bathroom and absorb the moisture.

Make sure that the containers in which they are planted can’t be broken easily, choose wicker baskets or plastic pots. You can put a plant on a washbasin, near the bathtub, on the floor or you can make a green wall if have limited space.

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Let’s look at some of the best bathroom plant choices:

1. Orchid

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Give your bathroom a luxury spa feel with the addition of a subtle yet elegant orchid plant. They are low maintenance plants and like warm and humid spaces. In addition, all orchids are perennial plants. White orchids are very common and will add luxury to your bathroom, but you can choose any color of your desire.

Place your orchid on the bathroom windowsill, where the indirect sunlight will provide adequate light but won’t cause leaf scorch; while the high humidity mirrors the flower’s natural environment.

2. Bamboo

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Have you ever thought about decorating your bathroom with bamboo? yes, it turns out bamboo can as moisture absorber.

character lucky bamboo needs very little light to grow, and should be placed in low, indirect light. It doesn’t even need any soil – simply pop the stalk into a container filled with pebbles and water. Change the water every two to four weeks.

do not worry, if your bamboo plant grows bigger, try the following way:
Be warned that this is a fast growing plant, but you can curtail its growth by providing a physical barrier (such as a recessed shelf) or by shaping it regularly.

3. Aloe Vera

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Aloe vera juice is bursting with vitamins and minerals, while the gel can be used as a topical treatment for minor cuts and burns, insect bites, dry skin and more.

Aloe Vera is a plant known for its healing properties and doesn’t require too much attention as a home-grown plant. It needs a small dose of sunlight and it is a great candidate for the bathroom. Therefore, you do not even have to worry if you have water this beautiful plant because it does not need much water to survive. A little bit of moisture is enough to keep it healthy, that’s why it’s great for your bathroom.

You can use other plants like
Begonia, Boston Fern, Cast Iron Plant, Chinese Evergreen, Dieffenbachia, Dracaena, Dieffenbachia, Ivy, Peace Lily, Philodendron, Pothos, Snake Plant, Spider Plant, and ZZ Plant.

let’s try practice, and prove the usefulness
good luck

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