March 31, 2018

Benefits of Wearing Moisture Wicking Shirts


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Due to their wonderful benefits, garments made from moisture wicking material are now a favorite piece of clothing among many people, specifically those who leads a busy and active lifestyle.

Hasil gambar untuk bahan wicking kelembabanYou can find t-shirts, undergarments, loungewear and even socks made from these moisture absorbing fabrics, hence even if you are not working out you can still wear them and manage to get yourself dry despite the hot weather.

Hasil gambar untuk hidrofilik dan hidrofobik

What makes this type of clothing special is because the fabric is made from an excellent combination of two varieties of fibers, namely the ‘hydrophilic’ which aids in fluids absorption, and the ‘hydrophobic’ fiber component which assists in the swift drying process.

The moisture wicking material can easily absorb moisture in the body. The moisture wicking be moisture absorber.

Hasil gambar untuk atletThe moisture wicking

This is the reason why clothes made from moisture wicking material can easily soak up sweat due to strenuous physical activities, making the skin dry and pleasant. Even in warm climates or while doing rigorous workouts, people wearing moisture wicking shirts will allow their skin to breathe and stay cool all the time.


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