June 21, 2018

Byrsonima Lucida (Locust Berry)


Insect Berry is a Florida local little tree or bush, ordinarily 5 – 15 feet tall, however can become taller.

It has an unpredictable, adjusted or level topped, respectably thick crown.

Trunks are normally short, with various rising branches; bark thin, pale darker. Frequently a host to epiphytes.

Leaves are green or blue-green, evergreen, inverse or sub inverse, rough, smooth, lustrous above however dull underneath and 1 – 1/2 inches in length.

Blossoms borne in groups, pompous sprouts change shading from white to pink to blood red, and draw in butterflies.

Organic products are cycle, 1/2 inch long, pea-sized, meaty, green aging to red and draw in flying creatures.

Natural products are consumable and endure on the tree.

The plant is developed from seed. Bark and organic products have restorative utilize.

Beetle berry is adjusted to various sorts of very much emptied soils; it benefits out of pruning. Typically not influenced by bothers.

Notwithstanding its incentive as a land recovery plant, insect berry’s great looking foliage, blossoms and natural products, make it compelling as example plant, screen, outskirt planting and local plant species for parks and gardens.

It is debilitated in the wild in Florida in view of natural surroundings misfortune.

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