March 18, 2018

Excessive Sweating Treatment

Excessive Sweating Treatment

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There are three ways in which you can effectively stop too much sweating between legs, on the underarms and other such nooks, corners and folds of the body, as well as open dermal areas that produce excess moisture.

The most basic way is to apply aluminum chloride based antiperspirants that block the sweat pores, making it impossible for moisture to reach the skin surface.

The best and most effective way of permanently curing excessive sweatiness is to address the underlying biological and physiological issues that trigger hyperactivity of the sweat glands. However, if an individual, who is otherwise absolutely healthy, suffers from excessive sweating at odd areas of the body that may leave him vulnerable to embarrassment and bacterial infection in those regions, he/she should always maintain high standards of personal hygiene such as bathing regularly with medicated products that arrest body odor as well as kill microbes.

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Also, topical application of absorbent products such as medicated talcum powders is an effective way to prevent staining of garments and keeping the body dry.

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Although most people opt for it, I, personally, do not recommend using antiperspirants as they block the sweat pores which can lead to a lot of infections and skin related complications in the long term. Stay clean, maintain hygiene and use the right products to avoid discomfort as well as embarrassment.

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