July 10, 2018

Figure out how to state NO!

Figure out how to state NO! At times you have to state NO!

Regularly it is critical to state NO! Saying NO sets limits around you that shields you from being harmed or wandering into an area that will be damaging to your central core.

You draw a line. You quit enduring what channels vitality and makes you short of what YOU. You decline to enable the dangerous practices of others to devastate you.

You construct a channel around the center of your life. You do this by educating the other individual of what they are doing. You ask for they stop. In the event that they don’t stop, you request stop.

On the off chance that they don’t stop you leave without a scornful comment, eye-roll or remark. To some this appears to be cruel, however saying NO is RESPECTED. Dread is the premise of question.

On the off chance that you expect that somebody will hurt you and trust you have no plan of action however to bear that hurt, dread will win.

How might you confide in when you are in fear? Saying NO, securing yourself, makes an impression on the other individual that you won’t live in fear.

This ordinarily triggers a reaction of regard from the other individual.

All things considered, in the event that you can yourself and decline oppression to what is dangerous, won’t the other individual come to confide in you and consider you to be a man who could very well secure him/her from hurt also?

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