May 20, 2018

Great Friends, Great Life!


While I was in secondary school, I built up this propensity for continually watching individuals and how they reacted to things. When I’m strolling, when I’m talking, and when I’m eating, I want to watch individuals. I don’t know why I do it, yet I believe it’s simply my interest of needing to see the greater part of the different human attributes.

Around two years back, in one of my secondary school math classes, I met this fantastically practical young lady (we should call her Sarah), yet she generally appeared to be pitiful. Ordinary when I had class with her, I would endeavor to investigate her when I can to watch and maybe better comprehend why she appeared to be so dismal. Later as I conversed with her I soon discovered why and I was stunned: she generally gone out with the wrong folks and some of them assaulted her.

I was in dismay. I have such a great amount of regard for young ladies and when I discover that different folks abuse young ladies I regularly get very furious about it. In any case, for this situation as I continued conversing with her, I couldn’t trust why she let things like this happen. She appeared to be so solid, so centered, so energetic about existence, yet she let herself hang out with the wrong individuals.

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