March 8, 2018

Homemade Moisture Absorber

Homemade Moisture Absorber

The humid room must be overcome immediately. If not, can cause fungus and disrupt the health of the inhabitants of the house. In addition, the walls of the room so easy to peel and dirty. Wooden furniture and electronic equipment are also easily damaged. Clothes also quickly smelled musty. To solve the damp room problem, you need to set up the following moisture absorbers for How to Overcome Damp and Moldy Houses:

1. Salt
Hasil gambar untuk garam dalam mangkuk
A natural moisture absorber can use rough-grained coarse salt. Salt can reduce air humidity by absorbing water around it. Put salt in a concave container and place it in a damp corner of the room. Change the salt every month because the moisture absorbing moisture. Dry the salt grains in the hot sun. Once dry it can be reused.

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Charcoal is the result of wood burning and black and hollow. Usually widely used to burn sate. Activated charcoal can help absorb excess water content in the room due to its hollow texture. In addition to reduced moisture, charcoal can also absorb the damp musty room smell, so the air tastes fresh. Place a charcoal in a container and place it in a damp corner of the room. Once a month dry the charcoal in the hot sun to dry back and can be used again.

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Candles other than as a light can also be used to reduce the humidity of the room. You can use aromatherapy candles to simultaneously eliminate the musty odor in a humid room. The heat energy released by fire can remove the water particles in the excess air

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