March 9, 2018

How to care for hair doesn’t absorb moisture

How to care for hair doesn’t absorb moisture
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Hair becomes dry when the hair shaft does not absorb or retain enough moisture, thus featuring brittle and dry hair.

low-porosity hair doesn’t absorb moisture easily – no matter how much you moisturise it, the hair still feels dry. She adds that this hair type is difficult to relax, even when using a super-relaxer.

Try do it
you place a strand of your hair in a glass of water. If the strand of hair floats at the top, it is low-porosity hair. If the hair sinks to the bottom, you have high-porosity hair and if it sinks to the middle of the glass, it is normal-porosity hair.


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Step 1

You can treat hair with natural ingredients such as honey, olive oil, aloe vera, avocado, banana as a vitamin for your hair that serves to moisturize hair

Hasil gambar untuk rambut dalam gelas

Step 2
Let hair dry naturally before wearing a hair dryer
treat dry hair
Reduce use of hair dryer if you have any type of dry hair.
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Too often dry with a blow dryer can make hair strands dry and expand. Therefore, if you want to increase the volume in the order, let the hair dry first (up to 90%) naturally. After that, just use a hair dryer to dry the remaining 10%.
Step 3
Comb hair regularly
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Combing hair regularly can help spread its natural oil. The trick, turning the head so that the crown leads to the floor, then comb the hair with a brush for natural oil from the roots to flow into the strands of hair.

And after shampooing, get used to not comb your hair in a wet state. If you want to tidy your hair, use a sparse-toothed comb.

Step 4
Reduce the use of chemical products
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Product alignment and hair coloring can also cause healthy hair to dry. Even if you do have to use hair dye, choose a free ammonia.

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