March 12, 2018

How to Plant Orchids

How to Plant Orchids

Hasil gambar untuk ANGGREK

Having a beautiful plant, graceful and interesting views is the thing that is expected of ornamental plants as decorating the room and yard of the house. Therefore it is necessary planting and proper care for plants to grow healthy.

Orchid flowers include one of the popular ornamental plants in Indonesia. Lots of people who use their spare time to grow orchids because knowing the plants of these orchid tribes can add beauty to the front side of the house. The orchid flowers can be planted in pots or taped.

Orchids will grow well in places that have a temperature of about 14 degrees Celsius to 36 degrees Celsius. If you can keep the temperature regularly, you can see the orchids you planted bringing out beautiful flowers beyond what is desired.   Humidity or so-called humidity is the level of air wetness. Relative humidity is important to support the growth of orchid plants. Relative humidity requirement for orchid growth of 65% – 80%. In Indonesia the average moisture requirement can be achieved, especially at night, rainy season or at altitude.

Orchid is a plant that can represent or represent a person’s feelings toward his partner. That’s why there are so many plant shops selling orchid cut flowers. The number of enthusiasts on orchid flowers turned out to make some people interested in cultivating orchid plants around his home.

There are two ways to grow orchids, namely:

1. Grown on pots

Hasil gambar untuk ANGGREKusing pots made of clay also allows water to be absorbed into the pot material in the event of excess water spray. In this way, the orchids you are planting and care for are protected from root rot. Another plus, with clay pots, in humid environment conditions, the roots of orchid planting will always be maintained.


  2. Tacked on a tree or board of ferns.

Hasil gambar untuk anggrek tempel pohonEpiphytic orchid flowers can be planted on live or dead tree trunks. Actually on the pillar of concrete can also, as long as the place of attachment of orchids meet moisture requirements for growth goes well. When using a dead tree, then select a waterproof and heat resistant sun so that the stem does not easily decay.

When choosing a live tree, then specify a tree with a thick-skinned stem so as not to easily peel off. Better yet to use a tree with a rough surface of the stem to be a good root attached place. Some trees that have criteria on the stem are guava water, mango, java, jackfruit, and rambutan.

Before affixed, tree trunks should be affixed with media that can bind water such as coconut husk, fern pieces, or fibers. For orchid plants that will be affixed can come from young plants (or adults), saplings, or seed compote. If you want to plant mature plants, then lift the plant together with the media planting.

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