May 20, 2018


In light of this, the inquiry emerges: what are the most ideal approaches to show LEGO minifigures?

1 – Get Some Risers

On the off chance that you’ve been arranging your minifigures on racks up to this point, you’ve presumably seen that the ones in the back have a tendency to lose all sense of direction in the rearrange.

This is the place rack risers can truly prove to be useful. You can discover a lot of these on the web or even make your own particular with some cardboard or Styrofoam. There are a lot of instructional exercises on the web, however it ought to be quite clear as crystal. The fundamental idea is to make a staircase shape to put on your rack, in this way enabling each and every figure to be seen.

2 – Create A Diorama

Obviously, it may be considerably more amusing to set up the greater part of your figures in a monster diorama! There are no standards here. In the event that you have one of the vast playsets like a manor or space station, there’s no motivation behind why the greater part of your different minifigures can’t be tossed in with the general mish-mash. You can likewise make your own backgrounds, again with materials like froth, cardboard, save sheets, and a smidgen of paint. Regardless of whether you just utilize the plain green building plate, representing each figure in a monstrous fight can be enormous fun.

3 – Mount Them To Your Dash

On the off chance that you have certain LEGO minifigures that you cherish so much you’d truly take them anyplace, for what reason not authentically do as such by mounting some to the dashboard of your auto? With a smidgen of twofold sided tape or even paste for those of you all the more challenging, it ought to be anything but difficult to mount any minifigure you like. Simply make a point to utilize the stands that the figures accompany so as to secure them. Singular stands can without much of a stretch be accomplished on the web if require be.

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