March 8, 2018

Moisture Absorber

How to Stop Condensation and Damp in a Car

Car glass can be condensed by condensation process. Condensation process itself can be interpreted as changes in the form of objects become more dense, such as gas (vapor) into liquid. Well to in the car cabin following the scheme.

When it rains, the air inside the car’s cabin will initially follow the air outside the car cabin that contains high humidity. Then, the humid air of the cabin was inhaled and down cooled the warm air inside the human body.

Well, water vapor that can not be accommodated, either by the human body or by the air in the car’s cabin, finally looking for the coldest location. One of the closest locations is Car Glass.


Try a moisture absorber – I recommend Moisture Absorber (desiccant) Just make sure you place it somewhere safe where it’s can’t fall over (perhaps a door pocket) and empty it on regular occasions (daily) as it begins to fill. Over time you’ll notice the condensation reduce.

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