March 27, 2018

Natural Ways to Kill Roaches

Natural Ways to Kill Roaches

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Spraying soapy water directly on roaches can be helpful to kill them.

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Alcohol vinegar
Mopping the areas of cockroach activity with a 50-50 solution of white vinegar and water can also help to get rid of these pests. Upon exposure to vinegar, roaches suffocate to death. You can also spray the solution in infested areas to get rid of these insects.


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Keep the House Clean
When your house, particularly the kitchen or bathroom has high levels of filth, it serves like an open invitation to German roaches. If your kitchen is not clean, then no matter what method you use to eliminate German roaches, they will continue to resurface in your house. Keeping the kitchen clean is the first step to get rid of this dirty menace.

Keep your house moisture so cockroaches do not stay in your home. You need to clean the kitchen if there is spillage of food and water spills using moisture absorbers. A moisture absorber tool that you can use towels, wipes, or water-absorbing cloth.

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