March 13, 2018

Process Dew Occurrence

Process Dew Occurrence
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In this case throughout the day objects absorb heat from the sun, otherwise at night things lose heat. When the objects near the ground become cold, the surrounding air temperature also decreases. Cold air can not hold water vapor as much as warmer air.
In the process of occurrence of dew due to the difference in air temperature. If the air temperature gets colder, the air will eventually reach the dew point. Dew point is the temperature where the air is still able to hold water vapor as much as possible. If the temperature gets colder, some moisture will condense on the surface of the nearest object, for example on the leaves of the plant.

Dew forms well on clear and calm evenings. Dew is also well formed when the humidity is high, otherwise when the cloudy sky objects become cool longer because the clouds radiate heat back to the earth. Which when the wind blows, the air takes more time to cool down near the dew point. In areas where the temperature can reach minus below zero degrees Celsius can be found in the form of ice crystals. This dew is called frost or white dew.

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