May 22, 2018

Reasons to Have Handspun Yarn in Your Stash

Reasons to Have Handspun Yarn in Your Stash
1. Custom colors

Because it’s handmade, there is virtually no limit on color, and most spinners are overjoyed at the idea of providing a custom color for you; something that is not an option with commercially spun yarn. Many spinners also use natural dyes in their work, some even making the dyes themselves from what they forage from nature!

2. Ethically sourced fiber

Spinners have a special connection with the animals whose fiber they spin. Many get their wool from local farms when possible, and use only verified ethically sourced wool when it has to be brought in from elsewhere. This not only supports their local economy but supports small farms globally. You won’t find this with commercially spun yarn, where the priority is sourcing the cheapest fiber possible to keep costs low and profits high.

3. Adds character to projects

Whether you are using art yarn for your entire project or just using it as an accent, it is going to stand out. No two skeins of art yarn are alike, which means whatever you create will be one of a kind! Some art yarns add a subtle touch while others add a nice pop of color. This makes knitted gifts more personable!


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