July 22, 2018

Seven Layer Salad


The serving of mixed greens I’m alluding to is a 7 layer plate of mixed greens. My mom encouraged me how to make it.

I need to impart it to you and you can pass it along to some person. Here is my formula for 7 layer serving of mixed greens.


1 head ice sheet lettuce

1 would peas be able to

1 onion

6 hard-bubbled eggs

1 bundle bacon

1 to 2 containers wonder whip

1 bundle sharp destroyed cheddar

To begin with get a glass goulash dish. I like utilizing a square dish so every one of the fixings are laying level. Cut up a little head of lettuce or enough to cover the base of the goulash dish.

An a large portion of a head of lettuce will do on the off chance that you are making a little form.

Next deplete the canned peas and layer over the lettuce covering the lettuce everywhere. Cut up an expansive onion and layer over the peas.

Cool the hard-bubbled eggs with chilly water and expel the shells. Cut the eggs and layer over the onion. Concoct an entire pack of bacon until fresh. Disintegrate the firm bacon over the eggs.

Spoon out 1 to 2 glasses marvel whip on the bacon and spread it over the bacon with a spreading blade like icing. Every one of the fixings ought to totally cover the last fixing underneath it.

The last advance is to sprinkle the cheddar over the plate of mixed greens dressing covering it totally. Press the cheddar down into the dressing so it doesn’t tumble off. You will express gratitude toward me later for this formula.

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