July 1, 2018

Strawberry Fields Forever


Obviously, America’s relationship with the strawberry is incredible, as we far outperform some other nation underway and use, turning out 1.5 million tons every year, 33% of the whole world’s creation.

Converting into a little more than 9 pounds for each American in utilization, this is what best the U.S. hit march:

  1. Stick – America’s most loved flavor
  2. Shortcake – with rolls or wipe cake, finished with whipped cream, a work of art
  3. Pie – either new (with a sugar coat) or heated, regularly with rhubarb
  4. Frozen yogurt – in mainstream Neapolitan (with chocolate and vanilla) or independent from anyone else
  5. Yogurt – natural product on the base or mixed
  6. Smoothies – mixed and tasty
  7. Combines well with bananas
  8. New – without anyone else, cut and sugared or as a fixing
  9. Chocolate-secured – a sweet and natural product in one
  10. Cut – on breakfast grain and flapjacks

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