March 11, 2018

This Pillow for you, if you shower at night

This Pillow for you, if you shower at night

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When you are busy, morning until night in your daily activities, so you do not have time to go to the hair salon to wash. then you are forced to wash at night. this is not a comfortable thing for you, when you sleep with wet hair, and your hair is moist.

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you’ve always relished the squeaky-clean feeling of freshly washed hair. At the same time, damp locks totally give you the chills, so you try to avoid going to bed with wet hair whenever possible. you have enough trouble trying to fall asleep without adding a damp pillowcase into the equation, after all.

You can do this when you are forced to wash your hair at night

1. Wash your hair thoroughly
2. You need a moisture absorber. you can use a towel to wipe your wet hair.
3. after you use a towel, it turns out your hair is still moist.
calmly, you can use a trick to add a Desiccant inside your pillow, or behind your pillow, or around your bed.

desiccant serves as a good moisture absorber.

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