March 22, 2018

Types of Range Hoods

Types of Range Hoods

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Ventilation plays an important role in creating a pleasing ambiance, especially at home. It doesn’t really matter if you are an expert cook or a novice experimenting once in a while, a stove or range hood is an absolute must-have in the kitchen.

Ventilation is very important to moisture absorber in the kitchen. Don’t let the lingering smell spoil either your cooking experience or your family’s dining experience. Setting up a range hood over your cooking range will help eliminate and filter out smoke, grease, moisture, and most importantly, dispel and neutralize the lingering food smell.

There are three types of vent hoods, namely, under-cabinet, wall-mounts, and ceiling-mounted range hoods. Before your go out and purchase, we recommend you decide what style suits your kitchen decor as well as your cooking needs.

Under-cabinet: Under-cabinet range hoods can be installed directly over the cooktop under the overhead cabinet. You can choose from ducted and non-ducted or re-circulating models. While non-ducted models can be fixed directly under the cabinet, they simply purify the air and recirculate it back into the kitchen. While vented models too can be attached to the under-side of the cabinet, the vents can be directed outdoors through the cabinets so that the vents are virtually out of sight. Besides, these models are easy to install and relatively inexpensive.

Wall-mounted: As the name suggests, these models are installed against the kitchen wall. These are referred to as chimney vents, solely because of their rising duct that resembles a home chimney. Due to its shape, it cannot be placed under a cabinet, which means, you can consider this option only if you do not have overhead cabinets installed in your kitchen.

Ceiling-mount: Island hoods or ceiling mounts are essentially high-end models that are suspended from the ceiling over the range top. For such types of range hoods, the mounting height becomes a critical factor and can influence the cost of the hood. As a higher ceiling would require a greater mounting height, leading to a rise in cost. Though, no doubt, a suspended hood is an efficient way to filter smoke, grease, and odors from an island cooktop. Considering its stylish appearance, it can easily be used to create a focal point in your kitchen.

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