March 17, 2018

Why Are Paper Towels So Absorbent?

Toilet paper, tissues, napkins and paper towels are made using a variety of processes and papers. One type of paper product that is more absorbent than others in the market is the paper towels. They offer the most-effective option for cleaning up everyday kitchen spills and accidents.

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The reason the paper towel is best for absorbing liquid spills is the manufacturing process used. the paper towel be moisture absorber. Most paper towels are made using plant-based materials like wood or cotton.


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This is the preferred material because of its highly absorbent nature. The paper used for the kitchen towels is loosely woven. This means it is possible for the liquid to stay between the fibers of the towel for longer. Paper towels are usually made using one of two manufacturing processes: embossing and creping.

The embossing and creping manufacturing processes make the paper a lot more absorbent by changing the physical characteristics. These simple changes make the paper significantly more absorbent than any other options in the market.

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The embossing process concerns changing the flat and smooth surface of the kitchen towels to something that is more raised or shaped. By creating the raised areas, it is possible to develop a space between the two sheets of paper. This means the paper is in better position to soak up and hold more water.

The creping process is intended to stretch the paper and give it more flexibility. By increasing the flexibility of the paper towel it is possible to create extra space for the water to enter. To complete the creping process, the fiber bonds in the paper are disrupted to help create a micro-fold structure for each piece of paper.

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Even thought the embossing and creping process increases the ability to absorb moisture, there are certain other variables that can help in this matter. A common issue relates to the quality and strength of the original paper used. The absorbent kitchen towels are certain to be manufactured from the better quality paper materials.

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